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Aubree Adams was again calling to god eager to become the modern Virgin. She has proven her faith in the lord time and time again with her continued devotion and attendance to her duties. As her prayers echoed in the still chapel, Andi Anderson the corrupt entered. Andi was once a nun also, but talk of blasphemy had her expelled from the church forever. Furious, betrayed and ashamed, Andi turned to Satan. Andi was a predator, wicked and mean. She craved corruption and was enthusiastic to corrupt others. Though Aubrey was unconventional in her prayers to say the least, she was very young and naive making her the perfect target for Miss. Andi. As Andi marched in she could smell the innocence of the nun…read the whole story on xxxHorror.com! What a kinky Busty Blonde Vampire Nuns episode with tense lesbian sex…

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Hot Vampire bitch Annie Cruz is the new Queen of the Horror Castle. She had to show to her slaves her evil power right after she was crowned. Anie went to the nearest church and picked the newly converted nun Cherry. She brought the innocent kinky nun Cherry to the Horror Castle to test her faith of course nun Cherry could not resist the seductive power of the latex vampire queen and soon she started feeling lustful sexual desires. Cherry grabbed the wooden cross hanging on her neck and started masturbating in front of the vampire community. Check out this nasty horror sex movie exposing the conversion of nun Cherry to a vampire lesbian slut. what a wild Femdom Lesbian Vampires porno scene…Stay tuned to the next episode of XXXHorror.com!
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The Orthodox Church does not take kindly to talk of blasphemy. As punishment for their whispers during mass, 2 nuns were locked in their chambers to spend a night of prayer asking forgiveness for their sins. Eve, being more curious of the two, was reading a passage from the bible that spoke of the 7 deadly sins. Speaking of the sin of lust eve began to look at white pure Ami in a different light. Overcome by evil spirit, she wanted Ami to sin with her and began forcing herself on the virgin nun, forcing her to speak blasphemy and rip up the Holy Bible. Both nuns become consumed with evil as they use religious objects to please each other even shoving the cross of Christ deep inside their pussies! What a crazy Vampire Nun Blasphemy episode…
Vampire Nun Blasphemy

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